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What we do

Parallel 58 offer a variety of services and benefits which quite frankly make the competition look like amateurs. If you are looking to develop a website, mobile application, or create multimedia resources of any kind, then you would have to be mad not to call us first. We are so confident that you will prefer our service that we will happily put you in touch with our rivals if you require additional quotes or second opinions.

Responsive web design

Our websites are built from the bottom up, and no off the shelf products are used to cut corners. This ensures that your site will be fit for purpose from the start, and you won't have to change the way you work to fit around it. Users will enjoy an equivalent experience whether they are at home with their computer or browsing on the go with their mobile phone.

Mobile application development

Parallel 58 are the only company in the North Highlands to have the skills, resources, and experience to offer a complete multi-platform mobile application development service. If you are looking to develop a bespoke mobile application then please contact us to discuss your options.

Multimedia content

Our contributors are experienced in all aspects of multimedia including photography, sound engineering, and video production. Furthermore we are the only company in the North Highlands offering 360° video from land, air, and sea. 2017 will see the dawn of the virtual reality revolution. With Parallel 58 you can adopt these immersive technologies now and stay ahead of the game.

Unrivaled experience

Our contributors have worked for some of the biggest organisations in Scotland and beyond to produce unique and engaging products. Our variety of experience in commercial development is unrivaled in the North Highlands. Why trust our competitors to sell you a product from a box when you can trust our experience to deliver a tailored solution designed from the start to fit your needs?

First class support

We provide high quality, flexible, local support for our clients because we know that 50% of our work comes from repeat business or word of mouth. We will always available for help or advice both before and after the launch of your site. With our promise not to charge for amendments that take thirty minutes or less and very reasonable rates thereafter, you will never have to worry that it will cost you a packet.

Unbeatable prices

Unlike our competitors we won't overcharge or underdeliver. Our proven track record and extensive experience guarantees that we will deliver your product on time and on budget, and with our low overheads you will be unlikely to get a better price elsewhere.

If you have a project in mind and would like to know how you can take it out of your head and into the real world, then please contact us by clicking here.